Cheap Bonding

May 14, 2010

CHEAP office party!

So a few weeks ago, I got a call from a little Spanish lady named Juanita at CHEAP. Apparently, I had won our office a party. Huh? I thought. I vaguely remember filling out a card for some kind of freebie on my last visit, but who am I to question free drinks and appetizers on South Howard?

After some rangling with the girls, we finally managed to free up our schedules and have the party. We invited some non-SEOtini peeps (notice the boys in the mix) and got our free drink-on last night. There was a catch, however. We arrived, happy and thirsty, only to be led to a tableless and chairless “party” room, where we were instructed to socialize with other “free office parties”. When I asked our ‘hostess with the mostest’ what was up, she carefully explained, “Well, um, these parties are technically your opportunity to “mix” and “mingle” with other offices. You know, drop each other business cards. That sort of thing.” I think, at that point, my mouth dropped. In my three confirmational conversations with Juanita, at no point was I told the party was standing-only with other offices, where CHEAP waitors would offer us white dinner rolls with strawberry butter to wash down our drinks and appetizers.


But we’re a grateful bunch. Especially when free liquor is part of the equation. And, luckily for us, the other “free office parties” were more interested in playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey in the party room, so the lounge area quickly freed up and we sat our lazy a#$es down for cocktails and pizzettes and quit our complaining.

Overall, would I say the “free office party” was worth the marketing ploy? Why, yes, I would. Because it gave us a chance to bond CHEAPly and that was the point of it all, now wasn’t it?

Special thanks goes to my little lady Juanita for slipping me a gift card at the end of the night for being the “free office party” coordinator.


Summit Highlights

May 6, 2010

For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to partake in this weeks Search & Social Summit festivities in Tampa, we’ve gathered some of our favorite SEOtini moments from the event.

1. Each SEOtini girl was given their own private 400-square-foot Presidential suite at the Doubletree Hotel in Tampa.

The Suites at the Doubletree Hotel in Tampa

Glicky napping in suite 417.

2. During the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., there was an open bar by the pool, at which point our bosses told us to double-fist and drink as much as possible to get our money’s worth.

Kim at the Search & Social Summit

Kim happily obeying the bosses order.

3. At all times, we were instructed to keep the guests *happy* by smiling and making intelligent convasotions. We’re a social bunch, so this came naturally.

Joanna at the Search & Social Summit

Joanna doing what she does best.

4. We received 3-hour afternoon breaks, in which we could roam around and do whatever the h*#$ we wanted.

Zdenka at Target

Here I am, shopping at Target.

5. While the speeches were actually going on, we could either pay attention, or do our office work via text messaging. Fair enough.

SEOtini girls in the tent.

Thao, Selena, and Kim, obviously hard at work.

6. And, during each speech, we could poke fun at our bosses while they sat on stage without them knowing it.

Loren at the Search & Social Summit

Loren, doubly intrigued during Ms. Katz' cat speech.

7. I think our last, and favorite part of all, was the fact that even though we were attending a two-day, two-night professional Summit, our bosses remained relaxed and jovial throughout it all, choosing to focus on business and not the SEOtini troublemakers.

Dave at the Search & Social Summit

Dave, clearly enjoying himself.

Rumor has it the Summit will be happening in Los Angeles this summer, and if it’s anything like this one was, we highly recommend you go.

Oh, and a special mention goes out to the catering services during the Search & Social Summit. All guests received complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus freshly baked Doubletree Hotel cookies each night.

Happy Birthday Kim!!!

April 23, 2010

You aren’t being told enough how great you are nor have you been told that you are the glue that holds this office together. So today we say thank you and today is your day. Now go party this weekend like it’s your birthday. Oh wait, hold on…IT IS your birthday! Go Shawty, it’s yo birfday!





We decided to put together a promo video showcasing what exactly is so great about this conference, and reasons why you should. Besides the fact that all the cool kids are coming 🙂 Enjoy!

This is your LAST chance at winning an all-access pass to the 2010 Search & Social Spring Summit.

For the past week, Search & Social has brought out a slew of Contests for the 2010 Search & Social Spring Summit. Our first contest is for a VIP All-Expense-Paid Trip to Tampa, FL for the summit. Those who participate have to reach out to their friends, colleagues, etc. and get them to register on the event website. Whoever gets the most people to sign up by April 15, 2010 will win the VIP package.

The second contest was on Twitter. Those who wanted to win a ticket to the event had to make up a team name and get as many people as he/she can to tweet their team name. The winner of this contest was announced Thursday and the congratulations went to Ben Cook, @Skitzzo, for Team Bacon.

Our third contest is a video submission on YouTube. Everyone who is entering needs to tell us an interesting story that they had through a social media network. Selena Narayanasamy made a post about the contest and full details Thursday.  This will run until April 1, 2010.

We want to know how you got into internet marketing. This is the fourth contest. Everyone has a different story to tell and we want to hear it all. Those who enter will need to leave a mini-autobiographies in the comments section on Search Engine Journal. This ends on April 8, 2010.

FOR THE FINAL CONTEST, we are asking all of you happy hour fanatics out there to create the recipe for the SEOtini, our signature drink at the 2010 Search & Social Spring Summit. As you all know, there will be a cash bar from 12noon – 5pm on both days of the conference. There will be more alcohol during the two parties: Casino Night and Calypso Night. So it is only appropriate that you enjoy our signature drink throughout your time at the conference.

Here are the things we are looking for in our featured beverage:

  • Any variation of a martini (hence the name SEOtini)
  • Has to have link juice
  • Has to be something related to Spring
  • Has to have the color blue
  • Choice of garnish

The SEOtini girls, Dave and Loren (resident fine spirits expert) will be the judges of your concoction. Choose wisely. We will be featuring your alcoholic beverage at the event as well as on the blog. In addition, Search & Social will buy the first round for everyone attending the conference.

How to Enter : Submit your SEOtini recipe in the comments section on Search Engine Journal. All entries must be submitted as comments in this post by April 8, 2010. Good luck and happy drinking!

-Thao Tran

There is a small little rumor flying around that Pedo Bear might be making an appearance at our Spring Summit.

We’re upping the ante on this video contest. Not only will the person with the most ratings get a free ticket, BUT…. if I get 15 video responses to mine, I will wrestle Pedo Bear. That’s right. All 5’3 of me! Part of me doesn’t want you guys to get 15 responses in because Pedo Bear is a little intimidating. But I know YOU want to see me do it. So post away! Video Contest!

If you’re an avid reader of search engine journal, you probably have already seen this contest get posted up- because the girls at seotini post on there as well. This contest is to win a free ticket to our Search & Social Spring Summit (May 3rd and 4th) and we need all the video submissions we can get! It’s a very simple contest-

  • Go to our youtube channel located here: Contest Channel
  • Watch my video for information on the contest
  • Send in your own “video response” with your funny/weird/awkward/awesome social media story.
  • The winner will be decided by how many votes/ratings yours gets and runs until April 1st.

Try your luck out! And please make a video better than mine. Mine is super lame and I come off looking really ditzy on a webcam. I guess that’s why I stay off them 😉

Peace out cubscout!