Cheap Bonding

May 14, 2010

CHEAP office party!

So a few weeks ago, I got a call from a little Spanish lady named Juanita at CHEAP. Apparently, I had won our office a party. Huh? I thought. I vaguely remember filling out a card for some kind of freebie on my last visit, but who am I to question free drinks and appetizers on South Howard?

After some rangling with the girls, we finally managed to free up our schedules and have the party. We invited some non-SEOtini peeps (notice the boys in the mix) and got our free drink-on last night. There was a catch, however. We arrived, happy and thirsty, only to be led to a tableless and chairless “party” room, where we were instructed to socialize with other “free office parties”. When I asked our ‘hostess with the mostest’ what was up, she carefully explained, “Well, um, these parties are technically your opportunity to “mix” and “mingle” with other offices. You know, drop each other business cards. That sort of thing.” I think, at that point, my mouth dropped. In my three confirmational conversations with Juanita, at no point was I told the party was standing-only with other offices, where CHEAP waitors would offer us white dinner rolls with strawberry butter to wash down our drinks and appetizers.


But we’re a grateful bunch. Especially when free liquor is part of the equation. And, luckily for us, the other “free office parties” were more interested in playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey in the party room, so the lounge area quickly freed up and we sat our lazy a#$es down for cocktails and pizzettes and quit our complaining.

Overall, would I say the “free office party” was worth the marketing ploy? Why, yes, I would. Because it gave us a chance to bond CHEAPly and that was the point of it all, now wasn’t it?

Special thanks goes to my little lady Juanita for slipping me a gift card at the end of the night for being the “free office party” coordinator.


One Response to “Cheap Bonding”

  1. Kimberlee Says:

    Oh what a night it was ladies 🙂 I had a blast!

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