Summit Highlights

May 6, 2010

For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to partake in this weeks Search & Social Summit festivities in Tampa, we’ve gathered some of our favorite SEOtini moments from the event.

1. Each SEOtini girl was given their own private 400-square-foot Presidential suite at the Doubletree Hotel in Tampa.

The Suites at the Doubletree Hotel in Tampa

Glicky napping in suite 417.

2. During the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., there was an open bar by the pool, at which point our bosses told us to double-fist and drink as much as possible to get our money’s worth.

Kim at the Search & Social Summit

Kim happily obeying the bosses order.

3. At all times, we were instructed to keep the guests *happy* by smiling and making intelligent convasotions. We’re a social bunch, so this came naturally.

Joanna at the Search & Social Summit

Joanna doing what she does best.

4. We received 3-hour afternoon breaks, in which we could roam around and do whatever the h*#$ we wanted.

Zdenka at Target

Here I am, shopping at Target.

5. While the speeches were actually going on, we could either pay attention, or do our office work via text messaging. Fair enough.

SEOtini girls in the tent.

Thao, Selena, and Kim, obviously hard at work.

6. And, during each speech, we could poke fun at our bosses while they sat on stage without them knowing it.

Loren at the Search & Social Summit

Loren, doubly intrigued during Ms. Katz' cat speech.

7. I think our last, and favorite part of all, was the fact that even though we were attending a two-day, two-night professional Summit, our bosses remained relaxed and jovial throughout it all, choosing to focus on business and not the SEOtini troublemakers.

Dave at the Search & Social Summit

Dave, clearly enjoying himself.

Rumor has it the Summit will be happening in Los Angeles this summer, and if it’s anything like this one was, we highly recommend you go.

Oh, and a special mention goes out to the catering services during the Search & Social Summit. All guests received complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus freshly baked Doubletree Hotel cookies each night.


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