Slightly heartbroken

April 13, 2010

Zee is heartbroken.

That's me with a broken heart.

I have a slight crack in my heart. It hurts. The office got Starbucks while I was out to lunch and didn’t text me for my order. So everyone is getting java’d up and I am in an afternoon slump, slightly heartbroken. I will survive, I promise. I just wanted to get it out there. I feel better already. Meanwhile, Glicky is making fun of me by making crying noises. I can’t wait to get the next Starbucks order. Glicky will be drinking carrot juice and Selly will be drinking decaf. Oh, and Dave will be drinking Moonshine.


3 Responses to “Slightly heartbroken”

  1. seotini Says:

    wahhhh wah wah! you shouldn’t have skipped town with yo momma!

  2. Andrea Says:

    The Glick Rebuttal:

    a) I offered to share.

    b) I hate carrot juice.

    c) If you bring me carrot juice, I will vomit.

    d) The vomit will be projected to my 5:00 when sitting at my desk.

    e) You get to leave earlier than us anyway.

    f) ❤ you

  3. seotini Says:

    I like f) the best.

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