Tacos anyone?

April 8, 2010

Andrea, Joanna, Me, & Kim at Taco Bus.

Our office is sort of situated in the hood. The building itself is lovely (two-story brick building reminiscent of the 1970’s), but if you drive 2 miles south, you’ll witness something like this: two very short men carrying a pig out of Winn-Dixie. It happened to me last week.

There is a plus side to working in the hood, however, and that is the close proximity to ethnic restaurants. Last week, Glicky was craving tacos, so four of us ventured over to Hillsborough Avenue (ethnic central) for a Taco Bus fix.

Taco Bus is kind of an institution in these parts and I highly recommend it to anyone in the mood for Mex-Mex, and not Tex-Mex. It resembles a shack, but inside you’ll find fresh, authentic Mexican fare that’s as close as you get to what you would find in a tiny, Mexican village.

We suggest the fish tacos or chicken quesadilla. Ariba, ariba!


2 Responses to “Tacos anyone?”

  1. oh man, i’m glad i didn’t go…. the name “fish taco” in reference to food scares the crap out of me! i did, however, miss going because of the sweet hats

  2. Joanna Says:

    Its all about the pineapple water! sooo good.

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