Little Miss Glicky

March 29, 2010

This blog post is dedicated to Little Miss Glicky (Andrea), who is out of the office today for a wedding extravagenza in Pennsylvania. Oh, how I miss my Glicky! So as a tribute, I would like to write about her car “situation”. Most days, Glicky and I run errands together over lunch. Usually it includes a stop at Fresh Market for free pound cake samples and coffee (more on that later)…

Glicky in her car

Glicky in her car.

We take turns driving on these fun occasions and on the days that Glicky drives, I enter her car at my own risk. You see, stepping into Glicky’s car is like stepping into a war zone. Candy wrappers, coupons, pens and pencils, sticky notes, shoes, you name it…I have found it on Glicky’s car floor. Below is a photo of Glicky’s car on a good day.

Glicky's Car Situation

Glicky's car on a good day.

Now I am somewhat of a neat freak, but for some reason, I miss Glicky’s car mess today. I really do. So this is today’s story in honor of Little Miss Glicky, or as Roger Hargreaves would call her, Little Miss Messy.

If you (Andrea) are reading this, come back to work soon and don’t you dare ever clean your car.


One Response to “Little Miss Glicky”

  1. seotini Says:

    Next time you complain about it, I will direct you to this post.

    So be prepared to deal with that.


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