The Dream Machine

March 16, 2010

We drink a lot of coffee in these parts. About 3 pots a day. And red bull. And low-carb energy drinks. And tea. So, just wanted to throw an idea out there.

illy coffee machineThis is the illy “dream machine”, or formerly the Francis Francis X1 Ground Expresso Machine. Yes, it’s $900, but I am convinced that if a vehicle like this were parked on our snack table, not only would our productivity increase, but we would also be singing and dancing with joy. Plus, red is Andrea’s favorite color.


6 Responses to “The Dream Machine”

  1. seotini Says:

    oh. em. gee. I TOTALLY SECOND THIS MACHINE! We are now taking donations- please leave them in the little (non existent, but SOON to be existent) cup on our cluttered snack bar. Thanks!


  2. Loren Baker Says:

    Who’s gonna clean it?

  3. seotini Says:

    You buy. We’ll clean. No questions asked.


  4. Loren Baker Says:

    You sure about that? Espresso machines are the messiest.

  5. seotini Says:

    If we had an office pig we could pawn the job off on him


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