Announcing the 2010 Search & Social Spring Summit

March 16, 2010

The organizers of the 2010 Search & Social Spring Summit welcome the participation of SEO specialists, enterprise level professionals, and all those who are passionate about search marketing and what it has to offer. This second annual conference is a premier forum that will bring together a community who are eager to learn and open to networking with other like-minded individuals. We have recruited some of the top industry experts to give you the best in strategies and possibilities.

We have two main goals with our events. First, to be the best value in Internet Marketing conferences and events. Second, to provide the best education and networking mix available in an Internet Marketing conference. Together, you will confidently walk away with valuable information and resources.

For more info and tickets:

Hosted By: Search and Social Media, LLC

Search & Social is an SEO firm on the forefront of Search & Social media marketing.

We are a fruit of collaboration between experienced Internet marketers Loren Baker, David Snyder, and Jordan Kasteler. As three of the brightest minds in the industry, plus a great team, we pride ourselves on being keenly aware of the latest innovations in Internet marketing and always incorporate them into our consulting, training, and Internet marketing services.

At Search & Social we feel that we are more fit than most to teach Internet marketing because we rely on the very skills we teach to make our living. Our experience in managing countless Internet marketing campaigns has lifted us to a rare position of knowledge, and we offer this knowledge to you. Learning from the three great minds at the helm of Search and Social is guaranteed to help you improve your own Internet marketing potency.


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