We know… that you know… that you want to know who we are ;)

March 15, 2010

So we’ve come to realize that in our passionate month of posting, we haven’t REALLY formally introduced ourselves. You might have seen silly pictures of us stuffing pancakes in our mouths or getting massaged- but we don’t have any official bios up on the website.

In our never-ending quest to find out WHO exactly left the pork in the fridge, WHAT exactly that rank smell is downstairs and WHY the effin bathroom keeps having episodic break downs (though my awesome deduction skills tell me they were most likely connected in some way) I think we forgot the most important part of this blog.


Ladies and gentlemen… that’s about to change. I have this wild idea of maybe taking short 1 minute videos of everyone (with an HD camera of course… so I can get right up in your face) where we can say whatever we want to. Preferably something that makes sense. But hey- you never know with us girls. If I can’t get everyone to succumb to my AWESOME (read:blair witch project-esque) video camera skills, then maybe I’ll just snap a few photos here and there.

In any event, please stay tuned. We’ll most likely have our Twitter information as well as personal websites on there if you would like to find us else where. Check back to read about our lovely selves and get some personal gossip on us. Just don’t let us find you in a dark alley way with those secrets or you’re in trouble đŸ˜‰ We do have claws after all.

Til next time!


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