I will tell you why Americans are fat

March 15, 2010

Recently, myself, Zdenka and Andrea went to the Florida Strawberry Festival. I know it has a fruitful ring to it. Before arriving, I was imagining strawberry shortcake costumes, pie eating contests and barrels of fresh strawberries. Boy was I wrong. The Florida Strawberry Festival was basically a knock off of the Florida State Fair with fewer rides (the best ones were mysteriously MIA), and more fatty foods.  In fact, everywhere I turned there were endless rows of food strands. Like most of America, I love my greasy food so I ate a foot long corn dog, a whole bag of cinnamon coated pecans, one strawberry short cake and chased it all down with some good ol’ root beer! My issue with the Strawberry Festival was that there weren’t very many strawberries floating around. I’m pretty sure the strawberry short cake was the main attraction. Anyhow, what the festival was lacking in true authentic form, it made up in foods that contribute to future heart attacks. Thank You!!

If you think the pictures below are shocking, check out these deathly snacks

Some of my favorites:

Fried Butter

Chocolate Covered Bacon (this is not the office pet)

Krispy Kreme Burgers

Here we are engaging in the fun!

It is Monday and as I write this hoping for a momentary distraction, Zdenka and Andrea are to my right giggling as usual. They are reminding me that I need to put my ear buds back in to block out the little office noise and zone back in on my work. (Thanks you two!) Link Building here I come!


2 Responses to “I will tell you why Americans are fat”

  1. omg, don’t tell me you ate that burger. I saw it next to the fried snickers booth.

  2. Joanna Says:

    I DID NOT eat that burger. I did and still do want to try the chocolate covered bacon though!!

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