The long awaited surprise!

March 6, 2010

Enter: Friday. We all walk into the office with the surprise on our minds. Poor little Thao (aka scandalous) comes in sick… but she stuck around because she didn’t want to be left out of witnessing a midget stripper with moraccas coming in and possibly hanging pinatas from our ceiling so we could get showered with candy goodness.

As you may have read earlier, we were told that the surprise didn’t have to do with food. After we heard that bit of information we were pretty baffled. I mean, if you take a quick glance around our office you’ll see strawberries, noodles (in kleenex boxes), empty cheetoh bags, peanuts and rice crispy treats. Our office life typically revolves around munching and snacking. Needless to say, we couldn’t possibly think of what other type of surprise existed in the world.

Noon rolls around, and this lady comes through the door with a massage chair. At first I assumed Loren was having an on-call masseuse come in for him… so I didn’t really look twice at her. Loren strolls out of his office and has her put the massage chair in the middle of our office. Then I start thinking… “Ok weird. He’s having a massage right in the middle of our office. He clearly wants to make sure we’re working and not eating/singing/dancing/causing ruckus”.

Then we find out the massages are for us! 20 minute massages each because of our stressful 2 weeks from hell. We’ve had a lot going on in the SEO world that’s kind of taken a toll on all of us. The lovely Zdenka took pictures of all of us in the chair so she will be posting those up shortly. Don’t worry… you won’t be missing out on us sitting in the massage chair as if we’re sitting on a little pony with our face in a big round donut. We wouldn’t spare you that fun! I went first and it was complete heaven. She told me I had so many knots in my back and neck that it was ridiculous. She told everyone (when I went to lunch) that I was the worse out of all of them 😦 MAJOR FROWNY FACE!

To top off our wonderful massage session, Loren had disappeared for an hour to go get peanuts from walgreens. We have peanuts in the vending machine downstairs, but since someone (Zdenka will not be named) threw out the year old smelly pork from the fridge into the trash can, it was very likely that he would get down there and pass out from the raunchy stench. We strongly advised him to leave the building to partake in his peanut-ness.

He comes back an hour later (after we surely thought the building had gotten him on the way out) with mooooooooore surprises! He brought back thin mints and chocolate covered almonds! I would like to thank the Girl Scout who stopped him outside of the store and bestowed delicious thin mints upon him because that certainly made our evening.

All in all, Friday was a great day. It reminds me that I work for a caring company that thinks about us when we’re stressed out. I’m still a little disappointed that we didn’t get our midget stripper, and I know Andrea is too. I guess we’ll have to cross our fingers for the next surprise.

PS: Sunday we are having a fun little professional photo-shoot before the Oscars. Stay tuned 🙂

-Selly (aka malicious cheetoh girl)


3 Responses to “The long awaited surprise!”

  1. Rajiv Says:

    First the gender discrimination by the S&S womenfolk, by starting a “GIRLS ONLY” blog, and now the bosses get into the act. What about this poor Indian guy who works for the company too? When do I get a massage? This is racial discrimination, gender discrimination, ethnic discrimination, linguistic discrimination, economic discrimination, and all discriminationssss rolled into one…way 2 go, Loren, thank you…grrrr

  2. seotini Says:

    Rajiv- you make me laugh almost everyday (joanna)

    • Rajiv Says:

      LOL…I prefer to hide my pain behind a facade of humor and jokes. People like me have gotta live in this world, too.

      On a serious note, me happy that you happy; if we both happy then our family & friends happy; if our family & friends happy, then the whole world happy, happy!!!

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