Sssshhhh, it’s a suprise!

March 4, 2010

I can hardly contain myself. Boss says today, “Please reserve the hours between 12 and 2 pm tomorrow for a Search & Social suprise.” Wha?!

Of course, since all women think alike, one of the the SEOtini girls said, “Should we eat before?”

It has since been established that the *surprise* has nothing to do with food. We have been instructed to wear comfortable clothes to work tomorrow. That is it. So of course I’m going stir-crazy, trying to figure out what the surprise could be. Any guesses? Our guess is as good as yours:

[A] Trip to a local farm to adopt a pet office pig.
[B] A jog around the baseball field behind the office, led by Loren Baker.
[C] Installation of a silver pole in the middle of the office.
[D] A suprise visit from the midget stripper.
[E] All of the above.

One thing is for sure. I’ll be wearing snuggies to work tomorrow. Stay tuned for more…

Zdenka Turecek


One Response to “Sssshhhh, it’s a suprise!”

  1. Shane Waite Says:

    I can’t imagine C without D!

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