Working on a cloudy day leads to youtube fun

February 27, 2010

We have been very busy lately with meetings, conference calls, and slowly but surely becoming cross eyed as well as grammatically incorrect due to offshore language barriers (toolbar!) I have just spent my entire Saturday playing catch up. It has not been fun and I would have to say working in the office with the ladies is much more appealing but  the gloomy weather made it easy to force myself to stay indoors and stare at the computer. I am still in bed actually and now that 5:00 is approaching I think its time to call it a day, or rather its most definitely time to begin the fun part of my day. Before I hop in the shower I would like to leave you all with a fantastic video.

This is what I envision for Search & Social’s future pet which I have decided will be the pig ( he already has a brother on Selena’s desk so clearly a pig is the right choice.) I dedicate this to Bacon.

until later-


3 Responses to “Working on a cloudy day leads to youtube fun”

  1. seotini Says:

    haha! I have a few things to say about this-

    1) the pet pig is a fabulous idea, as long as he doesn’t get mad at his brother for being anti-social

    2) Andrea probably threw a pig on the list because she likes bacon so much… I see a bleak future for our little pet

    3) our lives should reflect this video. search & social hot tub! we have enough room.


  2. Rajiv Says:


    So the S&S mascot is gonna be called a ‘Babe’? Why not Rambo or the Incredible Hulk?

  3. seotini Says:

    I look forward to our little crispy “Bacon” walking around the office.

    SO CUTE!!

    – Andrea

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