The Vote is In: We Need an Office Pet

February 27, 2010

All of us SEOtini girls are animal lovers.

Most of the office consists of dog people. I am a cat person… say what you will.

I love my cat, Cadence. I have her trained to play fetch and meow for a treat. She’s basically a dog just quieter and lazier. It works out.

I have to show her off (like any proud mother would).


With that in mind, we have taken a vote. We would like a office pet. Below are my top five office pet suggestions:

1) Penguin- They’re cute and they waddle. There is plenty of room for a small pool in the office for it to hang out in. Plus, they eat fish and sardines are cheap… right?

2) Hamster- One word: security. Also, they double as meatballs. (This could come in handy for Dave if he’s ever craving Ivarone’s meatballs. We can have an office meatball.)

3)Miniature Pig- Now, Selena has a VERY mini glass pig on her desk. I think we need one that looks like this. Basically this is the cutest thing that I’ve ever seen. We could walk it around the office on a leash and we would obviously name it Bacon.

4) Giant bunny- I’m willing to accept either the bunny or the man in this picture. At least the man can clean up his own poop. Although, they look very similar so maybe we wouldn’t be able to tell a difference.

5) Pet rock family- Here’s what I’m thinking. We each have our own pet rock. Then at night we can put them together and they can be a family. There’s beauty in simplicity, right?

Please note that I’m open to other suggestions. (Unless your suggestion is “No office pet.” That won’t be permitted.)

❤ Andrea


One Response to “The Vote is In: We Need an Office Pet”

  1. Rajiv Says:


    How about a “Playboy PET of the month.” This way, we will have a lot of walk in clients, and all the male staff will never go home. But on the downside, things can get a bit messy with a Playboy pet in the midst of all you lovely girls. And we don’t want cat fights, do we? But the idea is definitely genius, as everything is–from my side; you must agree:)) Pity, I’ll get to miss all the fun though.

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