I swear I’m not late… the world keeps getting in my way!

February 26, 2010

I’ve come to notice that no matter what time I leave my house for work (mind you, I live less than 10 miles away) I’m always arriving at exactly 10:03 AM. NO MATTER WHAT! I can even start leaving my house SUPER early, and somehow hit every red light on the way to the lovely S&S. The earlier I leave, the later I am. Due to this paradoxical  situation, I  happened to completely miss the fact that Andrea cut her bangs until after I got there. Everyone had the “YOU CUT YOUR BANGS!” conversation but of course I managed to miss it.

I would just like to share this treasured moment between Andrea and I. I love her and her delicious baking.

Enter: Selena… with coffee:

It’s moments like this that drive me to indulge my famous cheetoh habits(spelling?? Is it cheeto??? I eat the bag so fast I don’t even know) to mask my sleepy and aloof self throughout the morning. DON’T HATE ME ANDREA! Please bring more cake 🙂

Until next time!

Selly (Selena Cheetah)


One Response to “I swear I’m not late… the world keeps getting in my way!”

  1. Thao Says:

    Oh goodness! I’ve done that too…try to leave for work early and end up getting to the office around the same time. Frustrating!

    Well, you’re not the only one missing the Andrea’s Bangs convo. I think I was sick and at home putting my genius thoughts to work to create this blog!

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