iHop Heaven!

February 24, 2010

Hi internet world! My name’s Selena and I’m the newest addition to the amazing Search & Social! I started about 3 weeks ago, and time is flying! Everyone here made me feel very welcome… even if the claws did come out a few times. (Just kidding Thao!)

The girls here took me (quite voluntarily I must say) to the free iHop pancake day yesterday. I’m not gonna lie- it was pretty delicious. It was my first experience at iHop and I would definitely go back again.

iHop Pancake Day

Yes, that’s right. I had never been to iHop previously. Call me strange or pancake-deprived, but I’ve always seen the iHop restaurants and never ventured in. We took a lot of pictures there (which will eventually end up here) including a pretty embarrassing one of me hollering (HOLLERING!) about how I have pancakes in my mouth when they were trying to take a picture of me. Needless to say- they capture it. I’m pretty sure that one will end up on here too haha.

[You asked for it Selena]

Selena on iHop Pancake Day

So I love this company so far! You would think that an office full of girls (due to the nature of us) would be filled with sarcasm and tension… and while I can say the sarcasm is a true story (and fun!) there is no tension whatsoever in here. Everyone loves each other and works well together. I sounded kind of “ohhh the flowers are so pretty and the earth is so beautiful! Coombaya! ” there didn’t I? I’ll be sure to cut that out next time. You’ll eventually see that this kind of noise is few and far between for me.

Well I have to get back to work, but rest assured there will be more posts coming. Like I said before, it’s an office full of girls so you knowwwwwwwwwwwww we have some interesting things to write on here and some paparazzi photo action happening. We just moved into a new office so hopefully soon we’ll have some pictures to show for when we eventually get our desks decorated. Our new office is big enough to play tennis in. No lie.

Until next time!

Selly (Selena)


4 Responses to “iHop Heaven!”

  1. Rajiv Says:

    Yea, I know Thao’s paws are mean and with long nails. Once her paws came right outta the chat window to take my head off…my laptop still bears testimony to this with her scratch marks. All this violence because I just asked her to teach me link building. Whew! I still shudder when I think of that incident. If I were you, I’d come to office in an armored suit and stay clear of Madam Thao during work hours. BTW, do you guys have insurance for occupational hazards? If you don’t, get one right now.

  2. seotini Says:

    HAHA THERE IS IT! at least its sideways so not everyone can see me in my pancake-mouthed glory.

  3. seotini Says:

    wait, why did I say that? it’s not sideways. nevermind. I think I was in the office too long today….

  4. Thao Says:


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