Bangin’ hair cut.

February 24, 2010

When you share an office with six girls and one of them prances in on a Wednesday with a fresh hairdo, you can’t let it go unchecked. Here is Miss Andrea, sporting new bangs. Well-done A. You’re looking quite French.


Comments on the haircut are welcome, unless they come from Andrea’s boyfriend Troy (because we know you hate bangs). 


4 Responses to “Bangin’ hair cut.”

  1. Rajiv Says:

    Okay…since it looks like I’m the one and only resident commenter here (hey, any pay for this?, I’ll just go ahead and give my valuable comment.

    hmmm…nice…very nice…the cover of the file/book matches the jeans…and the t shirt/tops matches the desktop…which leaves the haircut standing alone. Must say it gives me immense pleasure and tremendous aesthetic satisfaction, as a veteran commenter on exotic haircuts, to see a well designed MOP of hair standing out in an otherwise dull and bleak, grey surrounding. However, the width of the startled eyes could have been shortened a bit, as the expression takes away some points from the artistically constructed mane. To summarize; Mademoiselle Andrea’s decision to have a new head top–Bang Bang!!!

    • Prerit Says:

      @Rajiv – Now that seems to me like you have been in the hair cuttin business in the past… 🙂 I’ll call yah when I go get a new hair cut…:)
      BtW AndrEa YoUr HaiR cUT Is RoCKin!

      • Rajiv Says:


        Those views were from a master craftsman and a genius designer with an eye for detail and a great in-born appreciation of aesthetic beauty. And hair styles just happen to be one of the few things I’m an expert on…hair cut? Sure, why not? How is it going to be…bald, balder, or baldessssst? :))

  2. Thao Says:

    I like, I like. 🙂 You’re always in style. I LOVE IT!

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