It’s crystal clear.

February 23, 2010

Our office just moved space to the second floor. Still setting up shop, but things are much more spacious at Search & Social these days. We have enough room to have a dance party. Think the bosses are considering brainstorm couches for us to take up the empty space. Aside from the smell of fresh paint, I swear I can think better up here. We painted the walls Crystal Clear Blue. Check out the view from my desk and the new space (don’t mind the boxes).

Search & Social Office View

Search & Social Office


4 Responses to “It’s crystal clear.”

  1. Rajiv Says:

    Hey, where do you keep the snack box? Or the fridge with the beers?

  2. Loren Says:

    Dave & I have decided to lock the fridge in our office until our vending machine comes in. The plan is to stock the vending machine with Cheetos, Lo-Carb Monster energy drinks, pop tarts, hot pockets, rice crispie treats, Cup of Noodles, tea bags & such. All items will cost $4.

    We’re also putting a huge lifesize pic of Rajiv on the wall in his speedo above Dave’s desk.

    • seotini Says:

      Dear Loren,

      I’m glad that you are thinking about your lovely, loyal and hard-working employees out in the other office and decided that it’s well worth it to put a vending machine with our favorite munchies and energy drink obsessions in there. We will repay you for charging us $4.00 per item by religiously tipping the machine over in your office until we get everything for free.

      PS: You did, however, forget the Redbull. Just for that, you can only charge $3.00 per item.

      Selena Cheetah

    • Rajiv Says:

      Good idea–the vending machine. Thao will thank you on behalf of the other girls for the idea. She was very, very worried about the girls losing their size zeroes with their constant munching and chomping.

      And my Pic? That’ll be something. LMFAO. Put one of Ryan’s next to me. But don’t blame us if the client ratio turns hugely in favor of females. S&S will probably have only female clients, and in that respect, Ryan and my snap..bad idea;)

      @Thao…I never wanted to say the stuff that I said in the 1st para. Loren just put words in my mouth (you know how convincing Loren can be when he turns on that charm), so if you’re gonna come at me with full strength on Monday, talk with Loren first. He’s the culprit 😦

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